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Dexter fans has waited for a long time for the season 5 premier and now Dexter Season 5 Trailer is released ! Watch Dexter Season 5 Trailer Now on Showtime !
@ 08-03-2010
by Tugberk Ugurlu

Dexter sEason 5 photo The perfect moment has come... Every Dexter fan has shocked for the final scene of season 4 with "horny" and "annoying" wife rita's tragic death. By then, nobody might have not anticipated that could be happen.
And here is the time of Dexter Season 5... Everybody have waited for long time for Dexter Season 5 Trailer. It looks like we will be "again" take our breaths while watching Dexter.
Dexter sEason 5 photo Comic con michael c hall
Here is my prediction for season 5;

Dexter is going to get caught. Some one this season will find out who he is. His last kill last season was too sloppy. Too many loose ends. My gusess is that either Quin or Deb will find out. Also his secret about his borther's death will be revealed in my opinion. But this is so sure when you watch the premier that quinn will be either second james doakes or first sergeant buzz-kill who will be the pain in the Dexter's ass. I cannot wait until 26th of September for the first episode. Maybe I will freeze myself in my refrigerator just like Cartman did while waiting for Nintetndo Wii to come out 

Your could wath Dexter Season 5 Premier at Showtime. Also Comic-Con videos are available at Showtime for now.

Showtime Link for Season 5 Trailer of Dexter :

Update - 
07 August, 2010

Here is the direct link of Dexter Season 5 Trailer :

Country DropDownList for Asp.NET developers ! Save a lot of time by copying and pasting this code to your application for a country dropdownlist. Do not create it from scratch :)
@ 08-01-2010
by Tugberk Ugurlu

Here is the code for Country DropDownList. Enjoy it :)


    AntiguaAnd Barbuda
    BosniaAnd Herzegowina
    BritishIndian Ocean Territory
    CentralAfrican Republic
    Cocos(Keeling) Islands
    Croatia(Local Name: Hrvatska)
    FalklandIslands (Malvinas)
    FrenchSouthern Territories
    HeardAnd Mc Donald Islands
    HolySee (Vatican City State)
    Iran(Islamic Republic Of)
    Korea,Dem People'S Republic
    Korea,Republic Of
    LaoPeople'S Dem Republic
    LibyanArab Jamahiriya
    Micronesia,Federated States
    Moldova,Republic Of
    NetherlandsAnt Illes
    NorthernMariana Islands
    PapuaNew Guinea
    SaintK Itts And Nevis
    SaintVincent, The Grenadines
    SaoTome And Principe
    Slovakia(Slovak Republic)
    SouthGeorgia , S Sandwich Is.
    St.Pierre And Miquelon
    Svalbard,Jan Mayen Islands
    SyrianArab Republic
    Tanzania,United Republic Of
    TrinidadAnd Tobago
    TurksAnd Caicos Islands
    UnitedArab Emirates
    UnitedStates Minor Is.
    VirginIslands (British)
    VirginIslands (U.S.)
    WallisAnd Futuna Islands


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