Don't Shit All Over The Company You Just Left

Don't Shit All Over The Company You Just Left... Don’t forget this is just a random dude’s opinion on the internet.
3 December 2011
2 minutes read


A few days ago, Phil Haack made an announcement which wasn’t a kind of announcement that we had heard from Mr. Haack. It wasn’t a new product release or new version of ASP.NET MVC or NuGet. It wasn’t the birthday of one of his children either. It was the announcement which tells us a very bad news. It was telling that he won’t be working on behalf of Microsoft after the 5th of December 2011.

The blog post was sad for me and at the same time it was shocking as well. But none of those are the reason why I write about it here. I have no idea what happened and drew him away from Microsoft but I can tell that the blog post he has written is exemplary.

Phil Haack respects the place he worked and he didn’t shit all over the company. This should be always the case even if you experienced the hell there.

If you work on a company for a particular period of time and realize that this company is a shitty place after that period of time, you have a serious problem in my opinion. This behavior is no different than seeing your ex-wife / ex-husband as a monster, enemy after a divorce.

Why am I writing this? I honestly don’t know. But when I saw the blog post of Joe Stanger about the Microsoft, I was really sad that a person like him can be a person like that. The announcement of his leave was a little harsh as well.  The title of the first blog post I referenced is 'What’s wrong with Microsoft?'. The company name is not important here. It could be Apple, Starbucks or The Jim’s Coffee House. The point here is that: this company was perfect when the employee was working there and it suddenly turned out a shitty place just after the employee left. Maybe it was a shitty place for a while when the employee worked there and he knew that but I, as a person in public, have no idea about that. If you don’t have guts to tell the same thing publicly when you work there, keep it to yourself for your entire life. No matter what happened, that place is the company you have worked for. At some point, maybe the place you have represented for.

So, don’t be a slave of your angers. Don’t go public without thinking by using the words you will possibly regret. Also, don’t forget this is just a random dude’s opinion on the internet.

Oww, I almost forgot. I know that you are not dying but we, at least I, will miss you anyway @Haacked!