About Tugberk Ugurlu

Tugberk in Cambridge
Tugberk in Gran Canaria

I'm a Software Engineer who craves to create robust and accurate software products and build effective development teams with 9 years of software development and technical leadership experience.

I'm passionate about knowladge sharing and have been trying to do my best by speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, establishing collaboration on open source projects, and authoring a book. I care about reliability, observability and scalibility of the software products I work on as much as caring about the day-to-day happiness, effectiveness, and productivity of the team I work as part of. I also aim to strive for the balance required to have a stable, maintainable and architecturally-accurate software product, and being on the market fast with an iterative approach.

I work at Deliveroo 🍔🥘🍣 in London as a Senior Software Engineer as part of one of the algorithm teams. I was previously at Redgate for 4 years, working as a Technical Lead where I was responsible for all aspects of the products delivered by the team ranging from technical architecture, coaching/mentoring engineers in the team to product direction. I have also been a Microsoft MVP for more than 6 years on Microsoft development technologies.

Finally, I'm a big F1 🏎 fan and love travelling to explore new unknowns 🛫🛬!