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My Talk on Profiling .NET Server Applications from Umbraco UK Festival 2015
11 November 2015 ยท 2 minutes read

I was at Umbraco UK Festival 2015 in London a few weeks ago to give a talk on Profiling .NET Server Applications and the session is now available to watch.

ASP.NET 5 and Log Correlation by Request Id
28 October 2015 ยท 5 minutes read

ASP.NET 5 is full of big new features and enhancements but besides these, I am mostly impressed by little, tiny features of ASP.NET 5 Log Correlation which is provided out of the box. Let me quickly show you what it is in this post.

Elasticsearch Array Contains Search With Terms Filter
14 July 2015 ยท 3 minutes read

Here is a quick blog post on Elasticsearch and terms filter to achieve array contains search with terms filter

Elasticsearch Installation and a Few Core Concepts
25 September 2014 ยท 4 minutes read

So, I have been having my way with Elasticsearch for a few weeks now and it's time for me to blog about it :) In this post, I will only highlight a few things here which were useful to me at the beginning.