MongoDB (6)

Setting up a MongoDB Replica Set with Docker and Connecting to It With a .NET Core App
31 January 2018 · 7 minutes read

Easily setting up realistic non-production (e.g. dev, test, QA, etc.) environments is really critical in order to reduce the feedback loop. In this blog post, I want to talk about how you can achieve this if your application relies on MongoDB Replica Set by showing you how to set it up with Docker for non-production environments.

Integration Testing with MongoDB with MongoDB.Testing Library
5 December 2015 · 2 minutes read

I have put together a library, MongoDB.Testing, which makes it easy to stand up a MongoDB server, create a random database and clean up the resources afterwards. Here is how you can start using it.

ASP.NET 5 Identity MongoDB Implementation
5 November 2015 · 2 minutes read

ASP.NET Identity will have a new version with ASP.NET 5 which is going to be version 3.0.0 and I gave it shot to implement ASP.NET Identity MongoDB data store.

Securing MongoDB Access with Username and Password
1 May 2014 · 3 minutes read

My MongoDb journey continues :) and I had my first attempt to put a username and password protection against a MongoDB instance. It went OK besides some hiccups along the way :) Let's see what I did.

Order of Fields Matters on MongoDB Indexes
12 April 2014 · 2 minutes read

Order of Fields Matters on MongoDB Indexes. Let's see how with an example.

A C# Developer's First Thoughts on MongoDB
12 April 2014 · 4 minutes read

After working with RavenDB over the year, I just started looking into MongoDB. I worked with MongoDB a year ago or so in a small project but my knowledge was mostly rusty and I don't want that to happen again :) So, here I'm, documenting what my second thoughts are :)