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Configure Free Wildcard SSL Certificate on AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) Through Terraform
25 December 2020 Β· 7 minutes read

Last week, I have moved all my personal compute and storage from Azure to AWS, and started managing it through terraform. While doing so, I discovered that you can actually have SSL for your web application without any additional charges when using AWS Application Load Balancer. Setting it up required a few pieces to stich together, and I wanted to share how I configured it through Terraform.

Redis Cluster - Benefits of Sharding and How It Works
20 December 2020 Β· 16 minutes read

Redis is one of the good friends of a backend engineer, and its versatility and ease of use make it convenient to get started. That said, when it comes to scaling it horizontally for writes, it gets a bit more tricky with different level of trade-offs you need to make. In this post, I want to touch on the basics of Redis Cluster, out of the box solution of Redis to the gnarly write scaling problem.

Working with Slices in Go (Golang) - Understanding How append, copy and Slice Expressions Work
12 September 2020 Β· 8 minutes read

Slices in Go programming language gives us greater flexibility over working with arrays, but this flexibility comes with some trade-offs. Go optimizes towards the most frequent uses cases, and you are often working with them correctly. However, in certain cases, some of the implicit hidden behaviors of Go slices can create unclear issues which can be hard to diagnose at the first place. In this post, we will go over some of the implicit behaviors while recapping how slices work in Go in general.

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