ASP.NET vNext (8)

How Azure Web Apps Hosts an ASP.NET 5 Application
12 April 2015 · 4 minutes read

ASP.NET 5 application has totally a different directory structure when you try to publish it and it wasn't clear for me how Azure Web Apps is actually able to host an ASP.NET 5 application. If you are confused on this as well, the answer is here.

Exciting Things About ASP.NET vNext Series: Middlewares and Per Request Dependency Injection
9 November 2014 · 6 minutes read

From the very first day of ASP.NET vNext, per request dependencies feature is a first class citizen inside the pipeline. In this post, I'd like to show you how you can use this feature inside your middlewares.

Getting the Client’s IP Address in ASP.NET vNext Web Applications
30 October 2014 · 4 minutes read

I was wondering about how to get client’s IP address inside an ASP.NET vNext web application. It’s a little tricky than it should be but I finally figured it out :)

Building and Running Your ASP.NET vNext Application with Gulp
9 October 2014 · 2 minutes read

Wanna see ASP.NET vNext and Gulp working together? You are at the right place :) Let's have look at gulp-aspnet-k, a little plugin that I have created for ASP.NET vNext gulp integration.

Exciting Things About ASP.NET vNext Series: MVC View Components
6 October 2014 · 9 minutes read

A few days ago, I started a new blog post series about ASP.NET vNext. Today, I would like to talk about something which is MVC specific and takes one of our pains away: view components :)

Debugging ASP.NET vNext Beta Builds with Visual Studio 14 CTP 3
5 October 2014 · 2 minutes read

Visual Studio CTP 3 has launched a while back and I was expecting to have trouble working with ASP.NET vNext beta builds. I was partially right. I wasn’t able to run the web application from Visual Studio. However, it’s still possible to debug the application and I have a workaround for you :)

Exciting Things About ASP.NET vNext Series: The Ultimate Guide
3 October 2014 · 10 minutes read

As of today, I am starting a new blog post series about ASP.NET vNext. To kick things off, I would like to lay out the resources about ASP.NET vNext here which is probably going to be an ultimate guide on ASP.NET vNext.

Getting Started with ASP.NET vNext by Setting Up the Environment From Scratch
28 September 2014 · 5 minutes read

In this post, I'll walk you through how you can set up your environment from scratch to get going with ASP.NET vNext.