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Configure Free Wildcard SSL Certificate on AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) Through Terraform
25 December 2020 ยท 7 minutes read

Last week, I have moved all my personal compute and storage from Azure to AWS, and started managing it through terraform. While doing so, I discovered that you can actually have SSL for your web application without any additional charges when using AWS Application Load Balancer. Setting it up required a few pieces to stich together, and I wanted to share how I configured it through Terraform.

ASP.NET Core Authentication in a Load Balanced Environment with HAProxy and Redis
28 November 2016 ยท 6 minutes read

Token based authentication is a fairly common way of authenticating a user for an HTTP application. However, handling this in a load balanced environment has always involved extra caring. In this post, I will show you how this is handled in ASP.NET Core by demonstrating it with HAProxy and Redis through the help of Docker.

SQL Injection vs. Lethal Injection / Protection Against SQL Injection
29 January 2011 ยท 4 minutes read

SQL Injection and Lethal Injection... They are both dangerous and they can be easily fatal. But how? What is SQL Injection and how it can effect my project? The answers are in this blog post.