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JavaScript-Heavy, Maintainable Web Applications by a n00b: 101 - Leveraging Existing Libraries
8 January 2013 · 4 minutes read

I decided to dedicate this part of my life to JavaScript for a while and I will write my experience on JavaScript-heavy, maintainable web Applications as a n00b.

ASP.NET MVC Remote Validation For Multiple Fields With AdditionalFields Property
24 October 2011 · 5 minutes read

This post shows the implementation of ASP.NET MVC Remote Validation for multiple fields with AdditionalFields property and we will validate the uniqueness of a product name under a chosen category.

Check Instantly If Username Exists - ASP.NET MVC Remote Validation
19 October 2011 · 4 minutes read

This blog post will walk you through on implementation and usage of ASP.NET MVC Remote Validation. As a sample, we will validate the availability of the username for membership registration.

Working With JQuery Ajax API on ASP.NET MVC 3.0 - Power of JSON, JQuery and ASP.NET MVC Partial Views
9 September 2011 · 9 minutes read

In this post, we'll see how easy to work with JQuery AJAX API on ASP.NET MVC and how we make use of Partial Views to transfer chunk of html from server to client with a toggle button example.

TinyMCE HTML Text Editior & ASP.NET MVC - Setting It Up Has Become Easy With Nuget
7 September 2011 · 6 minutes read

One of the best Javascript WYSIWYG Editors TinyMCE is now up on Nuget live feed. How to get TinyMCE through Nuget and get it working is documented in this blog post.

jQuery.simpleJSlide-1.1 / Simple jQuery Slide Show Plugin With Unobtrusive JavaScript Support
24 May 2011 · 4 minutes read

An awesome and super simple jQuery slide show plugin. This plugin also takes advantage of unobtrusive JavaScript method as well.

ASP.NET Web Forms : Calling Web Service Page Methods Using JQuery
15 May 2011 · 3 minutes read

In this blog post we will see how to consume a web page methods using JQuery on ASP.NET Web Forms and use ASP.NET page methods as services. You will find some cool stuff about other things as well :)