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Redis Cluster - Benefits of Sharding and How It Works
20 December 2020 · 16 minutes read

Redis is one of the good friends of a backend engineer, and its versatility and ease of use make it convenient to get started. That said, when it comes to scaling it horizontally for writes, it gets a bit more tricky with different level of trade-offs you need to make. In this post, I want to touch on the basics of Redis Cluster, out of the box solution of Redis to the gnarly write scaling problem.

Distributed Caching in .NET Core with PostSharp and Redis
3 July 2019 · 2 minutes read

On my previous post, I walked through the benefits of using PostSharp for caching in a .NET Core server application, by making it work on a single node application. In this post, we will see how we can enable Redis as the caching backend through PostSharp's modular nature.

Pulling an Old Article From the Coffin: SignalR with Redis Running on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine
8 August 2018 · 7 minutes read

Long time ago (about 5 years, at least), I contributed an article to SignalR wiki about scaling SignalR with Redis. You can still find the article here. I also blogged about it here. However, over time, pictures got lost there. I got a few requests from my readers to refresh those images and I was luckily able to find them :) I decided to publish that article here so that I would have a much better control over the content.

Scaling out SignalR with a Redis Backplane and Testing It with IIS Express
2 July 2013 · 6 minutes read

Learn how easy to scale out SignalR with a Redis backplane and simulate a local web farm scenario with IIS Express

SignalR with Redis Running on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine
3 July 2012 · 1 minutes read

I just committed my first contribution to SignalR project: SignalR with Redis Running on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine. Enjoy :)