Polyglot Persistance (3)

Software Architecture and System Design - Getting Your Grip and Some Related Resources
2019-02-23 14:52:48

If you have never been exposed to software system design challenges, you might be totally lost on even where to begin. Dive into this post to find out about what matters when it comes to software architecture and system design and how you can get your grip in this wide area of software engineering.

My Summary of DevConf 2016
2016-03-10 16:23:00

I had an amazing time in Johannesburg this week and had the privilege to attend DevConf 2016 as a speaker. I gave a talk on architecting polyglot-persistent solutions and you can find the slides and resource in this post.

Upcoming Conferences and Talks
2016-02-27 16:45:00

I am going to be at a few conferences in upcoming weeks and I would like to share them here with you. If you are going to be around for any of the below events, let's meet and say hi to each other :)