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React with Redux: A Stable, Powerful and Scalable Combination - Part 1
22 October 2016 · 6 minutes read

React and Redux has been my go-to UI tools for a while now and I wanted share the fundemental benefits of adopting this type of architecture on your web applications. This is the first part of the blog post series I will publish on this.

First Hours with Visual Studio Code on Mac and Windows
29 April 2015 · 3 minutes read

Today is one of those awesome days if you build stuff on .NET platform. They announced bunch of stuff during Build 2015 keynote and one of them is Visual Studio Code, a free and stripped down version of Visual Studio which works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Let me give you my highlights in this short blog post :)

Bootswatch and Gulp as a Stepping Stone for Your Theme Switch Feature
15 October 2014 · 3 minutes read

This short blog posts shows you a way of combining bootswatch and gulp together to have an easily useable theme switching support for your web application.

Order of Fields Matters on MongoDB Indexes
12 April 2014 · 2 minutes read

Order of Fields Matters on MongoDB Indexes. Let's see how with an example.

A C# Developer's First Thoughts on MongoDB
12 April 2014 · 4 minutes read

After working with RavenDB over the year, I just started looking into MongoDB. I worked with MongoDB a year ago or so in a small project but my knowledge was mostly rusty and I don't want that to happen again :) So, here I'm, documenting what my second thoughts are :)

JavaScript-Heavy, Maintainable Web Applications by a n00b: 101 - Leveraging Existing Libraries
8 January 2013 · 4 minutes read

I decided to dedicate this part of my life to JavaScript for a while and I will write my experience on JavaScript-heavy, maintainable web Applications as a n00b.