Geek Talks (30)

Speaking at SQL in the City 2017, Register Now!
2017-12-05 18:27:00

I'm quite happy to tell you that I'll be speaking at SQL in the City 2017 on the 13th of December about Latest SQL Compare features and support for SQL Server 2017 with my colleague and fellow MVP, Steve Jones.

NDC Oslo 2016 in a Nutshell
2016-06-25 12:03:00

I had the privilege to attend NDC Oslo 2016 as a speaker this year. It was a fabulous experience. With this post, I want to share my talk and the list of sessions that grabbed my attention.

Off to Oslo for NDC Developer Conference
2016-06-05 20:50:00

Next week, I am off to Oslo for one of my favorite conferences: NDC Oslo and this time is a little bit more special as I am one of the speakers this year, talking about zero-downtime deployments.

My Summary of DevConf 2016
2016-03-10 16:23:00

I had an amazing time in Johannesburg this week and had the privilege to attend DevConf 2016 as a speaker. I gave a talk on architecting polyglot-persistent solutions and you can find the slides and resource in this post.

Upcoming Conferences and Talks
2016-02-27 16:45:00

I am going to be at a few conferences in upcoming weeks and I would like to share them here with you. If you are going to be around for any of the below events, let's meet and say hi to each other :)

My Summary of CodeMash 2016
2016-01-11 11:05:00

I had the pleasure of attending CodeMash this year to give two talks on ASP.NET 5 and Database Lifecycle Management. Here is my summary of the conference and references to resourses I used on my talks.

Speaking at CodeMash 2016 in Sandusky, Ohio
2016-01-03 13:58:00

I will be speaking at CodeMash 2016 in Sandusky, Ohio and I will be talking about ASP.NET 5 and Database Lifecycle Management. I hope to see some of you there :)

My Talk on Profiling .NET Server Applications from Umbraco UK Festival 2015
2015-11-11 13:13:00

I was at Umbraco UK Festival 2015 in London a few weeks ago to give a talk on Profiling .NET Server Applications and the session is now available to watch.

Speaking at Web European Conference 2015 in Milan
2015-09-12 12:14:00

Web European Conference 2015 will happen in Milan on the 26th of September and I will be talking about ASP.NET 5 there!

That Conference 2015 and My ASP.NET 5 Talk
2015-08-16 18:02:00

This week, I had the privilege to attend That Conference as a speaker to give a talk on ASP.NET 5. Here is a quick blog post on my conference experience.

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 and Recording Videos of My ASP.NET 5 Talks
2015-07-07 21:45:00

Last Friday, I was at Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 in London and I gave two talks on ASP.NET 5. Here are the recording videos and slides of my two ASP.NET 5 talks!

Slides of Introduction to Database Lifecycle Management Talk at /dev/summer 2015
2015-06-28 11:57:00

Yesterday, I was at /dev/summer 2015, Cambridge and gave a talk on DLM (Database Lifecycle Management). I have uploaded the slides under my Speakerdeck account.

Upcoming Conferences That I am Speaking at
2015-06-16 20:44:00

I have a few speaking activities lined up in upcoming weeks on ASP.NET 5 and DLM and I thought it would be good to share these with you all :)

MSP Turkey Kickoff 2014 ASP.NET Web API and SignalR Presentation Slides, Recording and Links
2014-10-19 13:44:00

I was at Microsoft Turkey office yesterday and I gave a presentation on ASP.NET Web API and SignalR in context of this year’s MSP Kickoff. This post covers where you can reach out to presentation slides, recording and several relevant links.

Microsoft Turkey Summer School 2014 - ASP.NET Web API and SignalR Talk
2014-08-17 12:04:00

In context of Microsoft Turkey Summer School 2014, I had a chance to give a talk on ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET SignalR a few days ago at Microsoft Turkey Office. Here is the slides, recording video and references from the talk.

Short Introduction Video for OWIN and Project Katana
2013-10-21 13:29:00

I've recorded a short video which covers the brief introduction of OWIN and Project Katana. That short video will give you an idea about OWIN and Project Katana.

Microsoft Turkey Summer School Presentation Samples and Links for .NET Web Stack
2013-08-25 15:09:00

I was at Microsoft's Turkey headquarters giving talks on Microsoft Web Stack for Microsoft Summer School and here are presentation samples and links for .NET Web Stack

SignalR and Real-time Web Application Scenarios Webcast Recording (In Turkish) is Available
2013-04-22 02:52:00

A few days ago, I presented on a webcast about ASP.NET SignalR and real-time web application scenarios in Turkish and its recording is now available.

Istanbul Part of Global Windows Azure Bootcamp Events
2013-04-19 15:28:00

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp will be happening on the 27th of April, 2013 all over the World and Microsoft Istanbul office will also be hosting one of these events.

Links, Source Code and Slides From My Microsoft Web Camp Talks
2013-04-07 16:01:00

Web Camp Istanbul was held at Microsoft Istanbul office yesterday and here are the links, source code and slides from my talks

Microsoft Web Camps Istanbul on the 6th of April
2013-03-23 16:21:00

One leg of Microsoft Web Camps spring 2013 tour will be held in Microsoft Istanbul office on the 6th of April, 2013.

MSP Turkey Kickoff Microsoft Web Stack Presentation Slides, Samples and Links
2013-02-09 12:22:00

I was at MSFT Istanbul office yesterday to give a presentation on Microsoft Web Stack for MSPs. Slides and samples are now available online.

List of Resources on Asynchronous Programming for .NET Server Applications with C#
2013-01-05 22:01:00

I listed some resources on asynchronous programming for .NET server applications with C# which consist of blog posts, presentations and podcasts.

DEU Bilgisayar Topluluğu Izmir 2. Teknoloji Zirvesi
2013-01-03 10:43:00

DEU Bilgisayar Topluluğu Izmir 2. Teknoloji Zirvesi: if you are in Izmir this weekend (5 – 6 January, 2013), don’t miss this event.

SignalR - Real-time Web Applications Webcast Recording (In Turkish) is Available
2012-11-14 08:57:00

SiganlR - Real-time Web Applications webcast recording (in Turkish) is available. The video is available on NedirTV and Vimeo.

Advanced ASP.NET Web API Webcast Slide and Codes
2012-11-02 07:07:00

The slide and the full source code of the Advanced ASP.NET Web API webcast (Turkish) is available.

Slides of My MS Web Platform & ASP.NET MVC 101 Talks
2012-03-23 17:23:00

Today, I was at Computer Engineering Department of Mugla University and I gave two introduction talks on MS Web Platform and ASP.NET MVC 101.

Microsoft MIX11 : Students & Academic Staff Discount is Available For the Conference
2011-02-16 06:22:00

Microsoft MIX11 : Students & Academic Staff Discount is Available For the Conference / The chance that every geek student wants to catch!