Links, Source Code and Slides From My Microsoft Web Camp Talks

Web Camp Istanbul was held at Microsoft Istanbul office yesterday and here are the links, source code and slides from my talks
7 April 2013
2 minutes read

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Within the Microsoft Web Camps Spring 2013 Tour, Web Camp Istanbul was held at Microsoft Istanbul office and we had such an incredible, enjoyable event. During the day, Jon Galloway, Umit Sunar and myself presented several topics including Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET SignalR.

During the day, I helped Jon by trying to be the dummy guy during his ASP.NET MVC presentation. I also presented on ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET SignalR where I showed a few sample applications. You could find the source code for those samples on my GitHub repository:

You can also find the slides for the ASP.NET Web API session: ASP.NET Web API Intro - Microsoft Web Camp, Istanbul. Here are also some links for the stuff that I have mentioned during the sessions.



I would like to thank Jon Galloway for coming to Istanbul for this event and allowing us to have such a fun day. I personally really enjoyed the whole event and also the small Istanbul tour I had with Jon Smile I also would like to thank Brady Gaster as he's one of the people who made this event happen. I'm hoping that we will keep seeing these types of web events in Istanbul more Smile