Docker (5)

Setting up a MongoDB Replica Set with Docker and Connecting to It With a .NET Core App
31 January 2018 · 7 minutes read

Easily setting up realistic non-production (e.g. dev, test, QA, etc.) environments is really critical in order to reduce the feedback loop. In this blog post, I want to talk about how you can achieve this if your application relies on MongoDB Replica Set by showing you how to set it up with Docker for non-production environments.

ASP.NET Core Authentication in a Load Balanced Environment with HAProxy and Redis
28 November 2016 · 6 minutes read

Token based authentication is a fairly common way of authenticating a user for an HTTP application. However, handling this in a load balanced environment has always involved extra caring. In this post, I will show you how this is handled in ASP.NET Core by demonstrating it with HAProxy and Redis through the help of Docker.

Upcoming Conferences and Talks
27 February 2016 · 3 minutes read

I am going to be at a few conferences in upcoming weeks and I would like to share them here with you. If you are going to be around for any of the below events, let's meet and say hi to each other :)

NGINX Reverse Proxy and Load Balancing for ASP.NET 5 Applications with Docker Compose
17 January 2016 · 6 minutes read

In this post, I want to show you how it would look like to expose ASP.NET 5 through NGINX, provide a simple load balancing mechanism running locally and orchestrate this through Docker Compose.

Playing Around with Docker: Hello World, Development Environment and Your Application
13 July 2015 · 7 minutes read

I have been also looking into Docker for a while now. In this post, I am planning to cover what made me love Docker and where it shines for me.