Tourism (10)

Tourism Business : Chapter - 1, History of Tourism and the Travel Business In the World
17 December 2010 · 3 minutes read

This is the first post of Torism Business articles series... I thought that the history of tourism is the first thing to know and understand so that we could see the future of tourism clearly

TourismGeek.Com, Tourism Professionals Gathering Point...
14 November 2010 · 1 minutes read

Currently I am working on an ASP.Net MVC project which will be a blog spot for tourism professionals. If all goes as planned, it will be online at the beginning of new year !

UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2010 Edition Has Been Released / Download For Free As PDF, 2010
23 September 2010 · 1 minutes read

Finally, UNWTO has released UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2010 Edition. For tourism expertx and students it is a great source of facts and figures...

List of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
22 May 2010 · 1 minutes read

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in English. Brief descriptions of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Tourism In Turkey / Tourism History of Turkey, Milestones of Tourism Industry In Turkey
22 May 2010 · 2 minutes read

In terms of its geographical location, Turkey has been being centre of travelers for ages. In this post, I tried to lay out the tourism history of turkey...

Tourism Glossary - 1 / Meeting, Incentive, Congress And Event Management Glossary
19 May 2010 · 1 minutes read

Under this article, you will find some useful terms which are used in toursim industry, especially in Cogress Toursim. Tourism Glossary / Tourism Dictionary...

UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2009 Edition Has Been Released on the 27th of September, 2009 !
21 April 2010 · 2 minutes read

Annually published UNWTO Tourism Highlights last edition has been released on the 27th September in 2009.

Congress Tourism and Effects of Environment on Congress Tourism in Turkey
17 April 2010 · 1 minutes read

This article on Congress Tousrism is Written By Tugberk Ugurlu In 2008 for the project assignment of Tourism And Environment Lecture at Mugla University In 2008

Definition of Tourist / Who is Tourist, What is the Comprehensive Definition of Tourist ?
16 April 2010 · 1 minutes read

In this mini article, you will find the Comprehensive, Exact Definition Of Tourist !

Definintion of Tourism (UNWTO Definition of Tourism) / What Is Tourism ?
30 March 2010 · 1 minutes read

After this article, you'll have an idea on definition of tourism. Also the article includes the UNWTO definition of tourism.