UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2009 Edition Has Been Released on the 27th of September, 2009 !

Annually published UNWTO Tourism Highlights last edition has been released on the 27th September in 2009.
21 April 2010
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[UNWTO Tourism Highlights, 2009 Edition Has Been Released on the 27th of September, 2009 !]

UNWTO (earlier known as WTO) annually publishes UNWTO Tourism Highlights and the latest edition has been realised on the 27th pf September which is the World Tourism Day.

Maybe some of you wonder what is UNWTO Tourism Highlights is and for those who wonder, here are a brief description and aims of UNWTO Tourism Highlights from UNWTO's official perspective;

Tourism Highlights aims to provide a consolidated set of key figures and trends for international tourism in the year prior to its date of publication. The 2009 Edition presents in 12 pages a snapshot of international tourism in the world for 2008 based on the latest available information collected from national sources. Trends and results are analysed for the world, regions and major regional destinations, with statistics included on international tourist arrivals and international tourism receipts. Furthermore, it provides the ranking of top tourism destinations by arrivals and receipts, as well as information on outbound tourism generating regions and a list of top source markets in terms of spending.

Quoted from UNWTO Tourism Barometer September 2009 - Interim Update



UNWTO Tourism Highlights - 2009 has been published in 3 other languages as English, Spanish and French.


Also you do not need to pay for this useful resource ! It can be downloaded from UNWTO Web site as PDF file in 3 languages. To download UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2009 For Free, here is a direct link of English Version of the collection:


Low Resolution (928 KB) http://www.unwto.org/facts/eng/pdf/highlights/UNWTO_Highlights09_en_LR.pdf


High Resolution (3,34 Mb) http://www.unwto.org/facts/eng/pdf/highlights/UNWTO_Highlights09_en_HR.pdf


I also believe that every tourism student or expert needs the facts and figures of the tourism sector and UNWTO is a great resource for those. Here is the link that you can find bunch of resources which are worth digging in: