Interviewing (2)

Whiteboard-style Coding Interviews Might Not Be as Bad as You Think
3 April 2021 ยท 17 minutes read

Whiteboard-style coding interviews has a bad reputation, and within the software industry they are being perceived as "bad interview practice" in general. Despite this perception, many companies still hire software engineers through this interviewing process. Are they really that bad? Why do they exist in the way they are today? I cannot promise to give you all the answers, but will at least give you my personal view on this based on my own experience both as an interviewer and interviewee.

Software Architecture and System Design - Getting Your Grip and Some Related Resources
23 February 2019 ยท 6 minutes read

If you have never been exposed to software system design challenges, you might be totally lost on even where to begin. Dive into this post to find out about what matters when it comes to software architecture and system design and how you can get your grip in this wide area of software engineering.