Tourism Glossary - 1 / Meeting, Incentive, Congress And Event Management Glossary

Under this article, you will find some useful terms which are used in toursim industry, especially in Cogress Toursim. Tourism Glossary / Tourism Dictionary...
19 May 2010
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Here is some of toursim terms which are being used by professionals. Those worrds are mostly used in Congress, Convention Tourism industry;

Toursim Glossary - 1

: Last-minute name additions to a hotel reservation list.
Adjoining Rooms
: Two or more side-by-side rooms.
After Departure Charges
: Also called “Late Charges”, including restaurant, mini-bar, telephone and similar charges made by guests but not posted to their folios until after checkout. In many cases where a credit card has been run through, a supplemental bill will be mailed to the guest.
On Avilability Basis
: Convention reservation received after the cut-off date for the room block.
ADR (Average Dail Rate)
: The total room revenue for a particular day, divided by the number of occupied rooms.
: A pre-arranged and usually formal dinner for a specific group.
Breakout Rooms
: Small meeting facilities, generally accommodating from 10 to 50 persons, which are used for discussions following a general session.
Commercial Hotel
: A property whose primary market is the individual business traveller.
Company-Made Reservations
: A reservation made for a business traveller by the company or firm, rather than directly by the individual.
Conference Center
: A facility which specializes in conferences and meetings, requiring heavy use of audiovisuals and sophisticated room style arrangements.