Speaking at Web European Conference 2015 in Milan

Web European Conference 2015 will happen in Milan on the 26th of September and I will be talking about ASP.NET 5 there!
12 September 2015
2 minutes read

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I am really excited that I will be speaking at Web European Conference 2015 in Milan on the 26th of September.


If you haven't heard of Web European Conference before, here is the description I am copying from the official web site:

The first European Conference dedicated to the future of Development on all technologies. Everything about the newest and coolest framework for building modern web applications and websites: ASP.NET vNext, node.js, ruby, angular.js and much more.

You can view the conference schedule here. Just look at the details of the conference and ask this question: how more awesome can a conference be? It's all about Web, it's in Milan and the keynote speaker is Scott Hanselman :)

I will give a talk on getting into the bowels of ASP.NET 5. It should be fun. For the talk, I will assume that you have a prior knowledge on ASP.NET 5, and know how it’s different from its previous versions. If you want to benefit from this session and haven't got the chance to get up to speed wΔ±th ASP.NET 5 yet, here are a few links to help you:

Looking at web site now and it seems like you still have a chance to register. I hope to see you there :)