List of Resources on Asynchronous Programming for .NET Server Applications with C#

I listed some resources on asynchronous programming for .NET server applications with C# which consist of blog posts, presentations and podcasts.
5 January 2013
2 minutes read

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I will be participating on an event today in Izmir talking about asynchrony for .NET server applications (mostly ASP.NET) and I thought it would be great to list some reference blog posts, presentations and podcasts on this topic as there are a few distinct resources regarding asynchrony as I listed below.

In my talk, I plan to mix some stuff from previous @StevenSanderson, @DamianEdwards, @LeviBroderick, @bradwilson presentations and blog posts. I have also bunch of demos which I will be sharing online in my GitHub repository. So, enjoy the resources for now Winking smile

Resources for Asynchrony in General

Resources for Asynchrony for Server Applications