SignalR - Real-time Web Applications Webcast Recording (In Turkish) is Available

SiganlR - Real-time Web Applications webcast recording (in Turkish) is available. The video is available on NedirTV and Vimeo.
14 November 2012
1 minutes read

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A week ago, we tried to organize a webcast on ASP.NET SignalR and the network connection was very poor again. So, the participation was low but I managed to record it successfully. The video is now available on NedirTV: SignalR - Gerçek Zamanlı Web Uygulamaları.

Source code is also available under my GitHub account:

You can also watch it on Vimeo:

SignalR - Gerçek Zamanli Web Uygulamalari from Tugberk Ugurlu on Vimeo.

Enjoy Smile