NDC Oslo 2014 Bullet Points

6 June 2014
2 minutes read

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This year, I decided not to miss on awesome developer conference NDC in Oslo and well, I attended! I'm actually still in Norway and I can tell that by looking at my pocket. I'm basically broken in terms of money :) Don't go to conferences if the city is ranked at the top of the World's most expensive cities (kidding, take a loan and go to NDC). If you miss this awesome developer conference, don't worry that much. The videos are already available online and I'm actually watching couple of the ones that I missed.

During the event, a few things were highlighted by many people over and over again which also made sense to me. Since this was a developer conference crowded by the World's top notch software developers, these are worth pointing out as bullet points for developers like me:

  • Mobile matters a lot (kind of obvious but worth highlighting it)!
  • JavaScript is big! No matter what programming language you use and what kind of development you do, it's going to end pretty badly for you if you keep ignoring JavaScript.
  • Learn a functional programming language. If you are a developer, you should (and I should) learn a functional programming language. It's kind of unavoidable in a World where concurrency matters this much.
  • Don't develop for the management, develop for the users of your product and your team mates (current and future).
  • SQL is still there but practically dead (there I said it!).
  • This is only what I felt during these days: you cannot survive in a software industry if you only know one general purpose programming language (well, you probably will but I don't think you will really *survive*. Catching my drift?).
  • Swift (not Taylor Swift) is a joke but it will be loved.

These are just my thoughts during these 3 days and the time will tell us whether those are actually valid points.