Looking for Chuck Norris Facts For Scott Hanselman - Give Your Comments

Scott Hanselman is one of the coolest tech guys in Microsoft and in this post I am trying to find the facts about him. Ready? Then let's rumble !
10 May 2011
1 minutes read

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imageJust a few minutes ago, the meanest thing happened. I opened a question called I'm looking for other's opinion on Scott Hanselman Facts on meta.stackoverflow.com and it took seconds to be closed and minutes to be deleted Sad smile what a mean thing! So thank you guys.

Well, I figured nobody could close this topic here so let’s ask the question again here Smile

Everybody knows that Jon Skeet Facts has been discused long time ago and there were Chuck Norris Facts style answers.

I'm looking for the same thing for Scott Hanselman

Here are some of them that I can think of;

  1. He hates Northwind.
  2. He dies for a diet soda.
  3. He is a diabetic.
  4. He watches Undercovers regularlly (as far as I know from his twitter posts)
  5. He got lost in Munich ones when he was headed to a keynote.
  6. He created most of the parts of Nerddinner.Com
  7. He likes to tweet.
  8. He has a podtcsat called hanselminutes
  9. He has another podcast with Rob Conory called thisdeveloperslife.com
  10. He pops up before ScottGu on Google by googling 'scott'.
  11. He likes to google with bing.
  12. CRUD is one of his favourite words.
  13. He used to work for an online bankking company.
  14. He is working for Microsoft in the meantime.
  15. He talks to himself while writing class properties (the freaking part here is that he enjoys it a lot)
  16. If he ever gets the yellow screen of death, he gets it because he means it.
  17. Once, he gets his wife's ring out of the pipeline like a plumber.
  18. His family has a thing called 'Mummy & Daddy Day' which I will certainly imitate the idea in the future.
  19. He could make an entire e-commerce web application for Tacos.
  20. He is the only guy who could make Ninja moves with Windows 7
  21. He can speak German better than Germans.

That’s what I can think of for now Smile I’ll add them as comments if new things pops up in my head. So fire your thoughts guys. Let’s have fun.