My Story of Seeing a Company Which Has High Level Cheapness At Their Core

I am telling you my story of seeing a company which has high level cheapness at their core and trying to explain why I think this way
18 February 2012
2 minutes read

Yesterday, I went to fast food restaurant to have lunch after a wonderful movie (in Aydin, Turkey). As you expected, I was starving and try to figure out how to have it my way there. At the end, I decided to have a burger menu.

Just after I ordered, I nicely asked one more tiny mayonnaise and ketchup and the response that I got was unreasonably shocking and stupid. In a programmer's brain, it was a HTTP 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. The reason why this is stupid is not that they asked me extra money for that, because I have been going their restaurants pretty often and they responded nicely and tried to make my dreams come true if I request the same thing. Not to mention their stuff told me that this is the rule that they have been applying for nearly two years. That's lie and a big one.

In the middle of my day, this really hit me and I thought that this was the lowest level a company can go down. This shows how poor and cheap their service is and that they have no idea on how to train their stuff so that they behave the same way. I am not judging them for asking extra money for these little boxes of souce, this is their cheapness in my opinion unless a person abuses this. I mean it is reasonable to reject the request of the person if s/he asked for 100 boxes of mayonnaise and ketchup but for one more, this is the high level of cheapness my dear friend.

The funny part is that they told me I could have one special souce since I ordered Chicken Tenders along with the burgers. That sentence really made my day. I told them to keep it as my donation to their poor company so that the company can grow more and get rid of this cheapness.

I am writing this as a customer complaint and you, that restaurant, should take this into considiration.