Pro ASP.NET Web API Book is Shipped and Available on Amazon

Today, I am very proud to say that Pro ASP.NET Web API Book is now shipped and available on Amazon for paperback sales :)
25 September 2013
2 minutes read

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You may be aware that I have been working on a book for while now: Pro ASP.NET Web API from Apress. Alexander Zeitler, Ali Kheyrollahi and myself have been hard at work lately to complete this high quality asset for ASP.NET Web API lovers. Today, I am very proud to say that Pro ASP.NET Web API is now available for sale on Amazon as paperback! I would like to thank everybody who put his/her time into this book to make it a really good resource.

Here is a bit information about the book structure:

In Part I, you'll get up to speed on Web API's modern HTTP programming model, asynchronous programming in .NET framework and basic HTTP information. Part II takes you through building a real application so you can see straight away how to put this new technology into practice. The second half of the book features dedicated chapters on topics like routing, controllers, validation and tracing, and we will have chapters on performance, dependency injection and an all-important look at unit testing to help you prepare your application for the real world.

Please leave your comments on Amazon as they are really important for us. Hope you will enjoy the book :)