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I had the privilege to attend NDC Oslo 2016 as a speaker this year. It was a fabulous experience. With this post, I want to share my talk and the list of sessions that grabbed my attention.
@ 06-25-2016
by Tugberk Ugurlu

As I blogged earlier, I had the privilege to attend NDC Oslo 2016 as a speaker this year. It was a fabulous experience and I took a different approach at NDC Oslo this year and rather than improving my existing knowledge, I decided to take different perspective on problems. There were really a few areas I wanted to get more information on from the World class experts:

  • Machine Learning
  • Functional Programming
  • Containerization
  • Soft Skills

Of course, this is NDC and you have people like Mark Rendle and Rob Conery. So, it was inevitable that I ended up at sessions which were just fun :) Nevertheless, it was pretty useful 3 days for me at the conference and it feels like I achieved my end goal.


2016-06-08 09.04.02

One other amazing aspect of NDC Conferences is that all of the talks are being recorded and nearly all of those recordings are now up on Vimeo for public consumption :)

Here is the list of sessions I had a chance to attend in person:

All of them were really helpful and gave me a different perspective on the topics. Aside from those sessions, here are the talks that I really wanted to attend but I couldn't + I will definitely watch:

The schedule was full of amazing talks as you can see and there are also some other talks that seem interesting but I will probably not have time to look at:

My Session

At the conference I gave a talk on Zero Downtime Deployments. I tried to give useful and practical guidance based on my true experiences. I hope it was useful for everyone attended the talk. The recording video of my talk is also available now.

Getting Into the Zero Downtime Deployment World - Tugberk Ugurlu from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

The slides of the talk is also available under my Speakerdeck account.

Finally, you can find the demo sample I used in my talk to simulate a zero-downtime deployment process under my GitHub account. It also has great instructions on how to run the sample. So, definitely give it a go.


I am going to be at a few conferences in upcoming weeks and I would like to share them here with you. If you are going to be around for any of the below events, let's meet and say hi to each other :)
@ 02-27-2016
by Tugberk Ugurlu

I am going to be at a few conferences in upcoming weeks and I would like to share them here with you. Main objective here is to tell you about where I am going to be and this should help meeting new people and learning about different experiences. Jeremy Clark, a friend I met at Codemash 2016, has an amazing blog post on becoming a social developer. I encourage you to check that out to see why and how.

DevConf, Johannesburg (8th of March)


I am very, very excited about DevConf. Source of this excitement is the talk I will deliver there and the content of the conference. I will be presenting on architecting polyglot-persistent solutions as part of the Persistence and Data track. This is a topic which is very close to my heart as I had the first hand experience while working on Zleek on what a big difference this type of architecture can make on your software product. It will also be the first time I will deliver this talk.

Rest of the agenda also looks pretty impressive. So, I am sure this will be well worth the long trip to South Africa :)

Microsoft Build 2016, San Francisco (30th of March - 1st of April)


At the end of March, I will also be in San Francisco to attend Microsoft Build conference. This is also very exciting for several reasons. Obvious one is that there will be a lot of existing and soon-to-be friends there from the community and this is a very developer centric conference in view of Microsoft products. Also, I don't get to attend conferences that often as an attendee. I am sure I will feel the comfort of gliding through the session rooms and not trying to prepare for a talk. If you add the fact that this is going to be my first trip to San Francisco, it will be a real fun :)

Last year, my wish for Build Conference announcements came true with Visual Studio Code and I am very much looking forward to this year's announcements, too.

I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2016, Bucharest (19th - 20th of May)


At I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2016, I will talk about two very interesting topics and I think both of them are very interesting considering the type of software solutions and the way we produce them nowadays.

I am very much looking forward both of them since it's going to be the first time that I present these sessions. It seems like it's still possible to register and you can also check the rest of the schedule out here.

If you are going to be around for any of the above events, let's meet and say hi to each other :)

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