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Kafka Core Concepts and Producer Semantics
2020-05-26 00:30:00

Understanding the intrinsic behaviors of a component your system is making use of will make you fear less about it as you will have a better understanding on what might happen under which circumstances. In this post, we will start to understand the core concepts of Kafka as well as diving deep into publishing semantics.

Distributed Caching in .NET Core with PostSharp and Redis
2019-07-03 21:48:34

On my previous post, I walked through the benefits of using PostSharp for caching in a .NET Core server application, by making it work on a single node application. In this post, we will see how we can enable Redis as the caching backend through PostSharp's modular nature.

Declarative Coding Approach to Caching in .NET Core with PostSharp
2019-05-04 11:14:56

PostSharp is a .NET library which gives you ability to program in a declarative style and allows you perform many cross-cutting concerns with a minimum amount of code by abstracting away the complexity from you. In this post, I will be looking into how PostSharp helps us for caching to speed up the performance of our applications drastically.

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