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I had the pleasure of attending CodeMash this year to give two talks on ASP.NET 5 and Database Lifecycle Management. Here is my summary of the conference and references to resourses I used on my talks.
@ 01-11-2016
by Tugberk Ugurlu

I had the pleasure of attending CodeMash this year to give two talks. The conference was generally good, there were lots of people from the several parts of the World and I got to meet a lot of smart and amazing people.

2016-01-08 17.08.27

I only had a chance to attend the last two days of the conference and during those days, I attended several talks and missed bunch of good ones (and there are no recordings which makes me sad):

I learnt some new things in every sessions which is a great feeling. Especially, the Jennifer Marsman’s session on combination of EEG + Machine Learning + Lie Detection was absolutely mind-blowing to watch. I don’t think I have blinked during the entire session :)

2016-01-07 14.29.14

Here are a few things I took away from the conference by attending sessions and talking to people:

  • Polyglot persistence is a general topic of interest and people are leaning towards this road.
  • People try to apply or understand Microservices and its benefits.
  • Docker makes the above two approaches easy to adopt and people are aware of that.
  • Lots of concern around how to move to ASP.NET 5, especially to .NET Core.
  • Machine learning opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for IoT products and service based solutions.
  • Migrations based approach is definitely a must to have on the DLM process.

Lots of these are nice to see since they validated some of my thoughts and confirmed that I am on the right track. Some of them gave me new excitements and it didn’t take long to accept the challenges :)

The best part of the conference was that I had a chance to meet lots of new people and put a face on some that I have known through Twitter like Matt Johnson, Barry Dorrans, Darrel Miller and lots of other amazing people.

As mentioned in my previous post, I gave two talks on ASP.NET 5 and Database Lifecycle Management. I made sure that the resources I have shown are available online. CodeMash organizers maintain a GitHub repository for resources of all the sessions. I have put ASP.NET 5 talk resources and DLM talk resources there, too.

ASP.NET 5: Getting Your Cheese Back


Slides for this talk are available under my Speaker Deck account.

You can also find the samples I used during the session under the aspnet-5-samples GitHub repository (permalink to the version used during the presentation). I also showed another sample which made use of Docker and Docker Compose: ModernShopping.

Database Lifecycle Management: Getting it Right

2016-01-08 10.56.53

Again, slides for this talk is also available under my Speaker Deck account.

The demo application I have used during the session is available here (permalink to the version used during the presentation).


Overall, it was a great experience to be there. I want to thank CodeMash organizers for inviting me to speak at the conference. It was a really valuable opportunity for me to stand in front of that amazing crowd. I also want to thank Redgate and for covering my travel expenses and sparing me for the time of the conference. I want to emphasize again that Redgate is an amazing company to be part of!

Redgate has several opportunities that might fit you. I highly encourage you to check them out.

I want to end this post with a reference to a tweet which shows the message David Neal gave at the end of his talk (which was the last talk of CodeMash):

I will be speaking at CodeMash 2016 in Sandusky, Ohio and I will be talking about ASP.NET 5 and Database Lifecycle Management. I hope to see some of you there :)
@ 01-03-2016
by Tugberk Ugurlu

Attending a developer conference is an amazing way to start a new year. I love conferences because it’s where I learn the most. I am a believer of experience driven life and the conferences is the best place where you can learn about other people’s experiences and different cultures. 2016 will start for me with CodeMash, a unique event that will educate developers on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP. The conference will be held in Sandusky, Ohio between 5th and 8th of January, 2016. I will be talking about two topics at the conference and both of those talks will be held on the last day of the conference, 8th of January, Friday.


First one is at 08:30 AM: ASP.NET 5: How to Get Your Cheese Back. This is mainly targeted for people who are interested in learning what are the main reasons to adopt ASP.NET 5 and what it will bring to the table. Even if you haven’t done any .NET development before, you will still find a lot of interesting things here as I believe that one of the biggest advantage of the new .NET ecosystem is that there are no big entry barriers for newcommers anymore.

My last talk is going to be on DLM (Database Lifecycle Management), at 11:00 AM: Database Lifecycle Management: Getting it Right. If you are working with an RDBMS in your daily job and want to automate the release process of the changes, you will definitely find something valuable in this talk. I will be mainly giving the examples for SQL Server changes by using DLM Automation Suite tools but this talk is not about tools and SQL Server. It’s all about concepts and challenges of managing the lifecycle of the database schema.

Unfortunately, I will be able to only attend the last two days of the conference but that’s better than nothing. I am so excited about the conference and if you are going to be there, ping me (through Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to have a chat and meet. See you there :)

This week, I had the privilege to attend That Conference as a speaker to give a talk on ASP.NET 5. Here is a quick blog post on my conference experience.
@ 08-16-2015
by Tugberk Ugurlu

This week, I had the privilege to attend That Conference as a speaker to give a talk on ASP.NET 5. The conference is all done and dusted now. Also, I am tired traveling between Turkey, US and UK :) Even if I now want to lie down lazily all day long and do nothing else, I still want to write about my conference experience.

The Conference

2015-08-12 16.15.08

That Conference was a unique experience for me. It marked my first ever visit to US and I had a chance to visit two cities: Chicago and Wisconsin Dells. As for the conference, it is a well-organized family friendly conference. I can say that this might even be the best conference I have ever attended. I also had a chance to meet some great people like Steve Cleary, Ryan Niemeyer, Seth Juarez and many more that I already had known from the community. I also made some new friends like Anabella Watson and engaged in very interesting conversations with those. I will be definitely keeping in touch with them for sure!

It was a three days conference and in each day, there was a keynote held. The first day was very special but I missed it :s It was Uncle Bob giving the keynote that day. The second day was a bit different because the keynote speaker was an FBI agent (yes, #AchievementUnlocked!). Byron Franz talked about cyber threat during his keynote. The last day's keynote speaker was Max Lynch, the co-founder of Ionic. To be honest, I really liked the concept of having a keynote each day. It was really empowering to start each day with an inspiring session.

I really loved the concept of Open Spaces! You can just go and block an available time to hold a discussion on a topic and people who are interested in the topic will participate you for an hour to geek out on that topic. How amazing is that! You have 8 more choices if none of the sessions happening in a block is not interesting for you. The best part about the Open Spaces is that you engage in conversation with others and share experience. I had a chance to host one on DLM (Database Lifecycle Management) and it was really enjoyable:

2015-08-12 11.28.22

I also loved having 30 minute breaks between each session. There were no rush to catch sessions, it allowed speaker to engage conversations right after the session ends. The another advantage of this was that everybody were able to meet and talk to each other during these break. I absolutely loved this concept!

One bad thing about the conference is that the talks were not recorded :s There are so many great sessions going on at the same time and it's hard to choose. As the talks are not recorded for you to watch later, making decision on sessions was a bit more difficult. I am sure I had to sacrifice some great sessions.

My Session on ASP.NET 5

2015-08-12 14.29.03

I had a great time delivering my ASP.NET 5 talk. Even though it was the last session of the conference, there was a lot of interest in the topic. You can find the slides from my ASP.NET 5 talk under my Speakerdeck account and the project I have shown on GitHub. I also had bunch of interesting questions about ASP.NET 5, specifically how the the existing pieces fit into this new world. Some of those questions will make great blog posts here in my blog :) If you are specifically interested in the session topic, I gave the same talk at Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 in London a month ago and it was recoded.

I also had a chance to join MS Dev Show podcast for a quick discussion on ASP.NET 5, which was really fun. You can check that out here.

Special Thanks

I would like to specifically thank Redgate for making it possible for me to attend the conference by covering and arranging all my travel. For the record, I am not exaggerating :) We have a Travel department at Redgate to basically handle everything about your trip. I also want to thank Chris Massey who runs the Conference Club at Redgate and helped me on getting better at presenting by giving his input on certain areas to improve. Finally, thanks That Conference people for inviting me to speak and organizing a very special conference!

Yesterday, I was at /dev/summer 2015, Cambridge and gave a talk on DLM (Database Lifecycle Management). I have uploaded the slides under my Speakerdeck account.
@ 06-28-2015
by Tugberk Ugurlu

Yesterday, I was at /dev/summer 2015, Cambridge. It was a really good event and I had a chance to attend a few talks on Go Language, Web Profiling and Open Source.

2015-06-27 16.36.26-1

2015-06-27 12.46.58

2015-06-27 11.40.33

I also gave a talk on DLM (Database Lifecycle Management), which is what we have been working at Redgate for a while to make it easy to adopt.

2015-06-27 16.31.18

I have uploaded the slides under my Speaker Deck account.

Also, here are the links I have at the end of the slides and a few more:

I have a few speaking activities lined up in upcoming weeks on ASP.NET 5 and DLM and I thought it would be good to share these with you all :)
@ 06-16-2015
by Tugberk Ugurlu

I have a few speaking activities lined up in upcoming weeks and I thought it would be good to share those with you all :) I am very excited about them as I don’t have much international speaking experience and these will be a really good learning opportunities for me, while having a chance to share the knowledge at the same time. As you can imagine, most of these talks are related to ASP.NET 5 which is the best thing that has happened to .NET Web stack if you ask me :) Here are all of them:

/dev/summer 2015, Cambridge (27th of June)

/dev/summer is of the great developer events in Cambridge and it happens twice a year. I was lucky to attend the /dev/winter 2015 this year and I am looking forward to /dev/summer 2015, too. I will be talking about DLM (Database Lifecycle Management) and I will try to set a clear understanding of the advantages of embracing DLM, where your process fits today and how you can apply the described patterns and practices. You can register for the conference and get your ticket here. Also, you can use the discount code of "Speakersfriend" which will give you a 30% discount. You can alternatively use this link to get this discount. You can view the full event schedule here.


Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015, London (3rd of July)

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015 is a 3-days .NET developer conference in London and has a really good content from awesome speakers. I will be giving two talks on the last day of the event and both of them are about ASP.NET 5. The first one is titled as "ASP.NET 5: How to Get Your Cheese Back" which I will talk about the biggest, drastic changes in the upcoming version of ASP.NET but I will try to prove that these changes will make you smile. The next one is "Going Further with ASP.NET 5" which will be slides-free, dig-deep-into-the-bowels-of-this-new-runtime kind of talk. Check out the full schedule here and you can register for the event here.


That Conference 2015, Wisconsin Dells (12th of August)

I will also be speaking at That conference 2015 about ASP.NET 5: ASP.NET 5: How to Get Your Cheese Back. "Which conference? That Conference!" (obligatory That Conference joke :p) I am particularly excited for this one as it will be my first trip to US and I will make sure to whine about jet lag stuff on Twitter when I get there :) Jokes aside, you can see the conference schedule here and register for the conference here.


Thanks to these conferences, I am hoping to meet bunch of new and old frıends. Make sure to come and say hi if you are at one of the events :)

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